Brand/Product Launches

We treat your brand launch as seriously as a baby is being born. Your brand/product cannot afford to make a mistake or take wrong step on the first day. We carefully plan and schedule the sequence of events with the goal to make a big happening out of the release. And, of course we keep in mind the possibilities of sales throughout the planning and execution.



Start with a bang. Get the attention of the people from the moment you start. The first day has to be a memorable day for you and your customers. We know how much treasured this day will be in your future days. So we will do everything to make sure it becomes a worthy story to be told and retold.

Theme Parties

We all want to party just as we have seen it in the movies and songs. Trust us with your theme party and get ready to be in that filmy and trendy ambience to party hard. The great parties are born out of experienced party people. Don’t worry. You are at the right place.



SAATHIYAA dedicates itself in creating perfection entangled with creativity, ensuring a new story form every day. Aiming at creating events suited to the couple’s unique style, we team up with a number of professionals and personalities in making your dream wedding a reality. This includes prominent movie directors for directing a dashing wedding day, expert makeup artists and costume designers to prepare your royal looks, beautiful resorts for the beautiful moments and more!


Advertisements Promotions

We design and create promotional ads and events that goes beyond the traditional lines of thought and seek to integrate the essence of changing times. Our activations will give your brand the edge that you deserve in today’s competitive market.

Musical Concerts And Award Nights

Those days when musical shows were only about music is so retro. Our seamless integration of sound and visual with the latest technological assistance will transforms the show into a magical multi sensory experience. We know how much energy people bring into the ground and stage. We carefully plan, design and build the ambience to suit the crowd and their vibe.


Celebrity Management

When artists need help in taking care of their business negotiations, we become their answers. We help them with endorsing products, essential public appearances, and more. It is important to remember that celebrity management is not merely coordination of the artists, but also includes planning logistics, travel, security, taking permissions and technical stage knowledge.
In addition, we provide desired artists for various events such as corporate events, wedding functions, ticketed and live concerts, Dealers Meet, Award Functions, Inaugurations, and International Shows.